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Originally Posted by JohnE View Post
this is the first I have heard you speak of jamo. I've been using them for about 15 years but only several times a year. I only dabble in the surround / home audio business. Never had a complaint with jamo for the price point I am hitting. Which can vary naturally. Interestingly I don't hear as much discussion about speaker placement as I have been taught. Essentially placement and room accoustics are more important (or as important) as component choice.
I thought we discussed Jamo a few years ago. I hated to see them sold. I was talking to the head of the US operation and when he told me they had put all of the company stock in a holding company, I said "Aw, man! The company is being sold?" and he replied "They just want it to be in one place". I think the founders wanted to retire and that was a necessary step since it wasn't a publicly traded stock. I saw on Linkedin that the former US head has recently retired. Maybe I'll get to golf with him next year.

Bad acoustics will make the best speakers sound like garbage, although some speakers have dispersion that's so narrow that the room really isn't much of a factor unless the SPL exceeds a high enough point. However, even narrow dispersion speakers won't work when hard transients are in the music or soundtrack. At that point, it's like hitting a cue ball really hard- it keeps bouncing until it loses enough energy to slow down and stop. By that time, it's all over. Best to play it safe and make the room more absorptive, especially WRT the first reflections.
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