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Originally Posted by JohnnyB View Post
Thanks for all the feedback.

Certainly seriously considering a Panasonic Plasma. I am going to go out and look at these v. some of the larger LEDs but believe from all I read online so far, plasma is the way to go.

Also thinking all front channels will be floor standing. Got to think as to whether rears will be on-wall or directional in ceiling.

Attached is the floor plan. The TV is on the wall to the right of the fireplace (ladder wall).

I will be putting 2" wood blinds on the windows.

I also plan to use 2 layers of drywall on the ceiling with the "green goo" between them. Thinking of going that way over the sound isolating furring strips but may change my mind.

"Storage Area" (Closet) under the staircase is going to be my media closet. Going to run an IR target to this room and lots of smurf tube between the key areas.
Save yourself a ton of BS and use a remote that uses RF to transmit the commands. IR is more problematic. Also, make sure you don't have all hard surfaces on the walls. The amount of reflected sound will make the experience absolutely underwhelming and it will be impossible to get it to sound great, even with a program like YPAO (Yamaha) or Audyssey (Denon/Marantz, etc). Those are great programs, but they can't fix every acoustical problem.
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