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Yes the tower had 4 green wires and 4 purple wires (pos and neg for each of the four spots). When you rewire I'd buy about a 100 feet and just tape onto the old wire at the far starboard hole. Pull it all through. The old wire is taped together and will have to come out all at once. Then just take the other end of the 100 foot spool tape it to itself at the speaker hole and pull through then fish it out to the inner starboard hole cut tape the end to the tower and repeat. Takes a while but it works.

And no alternator for me because I have the 50 amp shore charger and I plan on it doing most of the charging when the bank is depleted. I actually have a switch wired into the VSR circuit as we'll so if we have sat all day cranking music then go ride I'll just flip the VSR off so the alternator doesn't see the huge load and have to work constantly to recharge.

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