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Here is a couple pics of what all those batteries are for. I have 4 amps right now. In between the amps you can see the distribution blocks (1 pos, 1 neg) each block has two zero gauge runs from the battery bank and runs 4 gauge out to each amp independently. All the wire is ran under the floor.

The two wet sounds ones are Syn 4's they power 2 Rev 10's each giving each speaker about 325 watts. (more with the alt cranking at higher RPMs in riding speeds)

The little blank amp mounter vertical is a Precision Power p900.4 Its a full range class D amp. 4 channel. Giving 200x4 isn to the in boats. Hell of an amp. 189 bucks. works awesome and stays cool cranking all day.

The huge amp mounted to the floor is an audioque AQ2200D. puts out 2000 watts at 1 ohm. I have two runs of 0 gauge wire to both the positive and negative terminals. All amps are properly fused as you can see from the pics below.

Originally I bought the AQ2200D amp to power an SSA XCON 10 inch wired to 1 ohm. I had a box made to fit into the compartment below the seat thats behind the drivers seat (where the stock free air sub was). The free air sub was long blown so I cut off the mounting flange from the woofer and used it to cover the 10 inch hole in the fiberglass where the sub was mounted. Anyways, I didn't account for how much the sub would stick out when mounted into the box. I made the dimensions as large as possible to maximize cu. ft. of the box. Its ported with a 4 inch aero. It did not find into the spot easily. I finally was able to wedge it in backwards withe the port firing towards the open hole in the fiber glass and with woofer firing towards the stern. It didn't sound good and had terrible port noise. I just pulled it out and didn't mess with it. I put back in my Kicker solo baric L7 12 inch in a ported box at 2 ohm and just used this amp. It is very loud itself and even a bit louder with this amp. It did have a kicker zx 750.1 on it. The solobaric is sitting under the passenger seat right beside the amps. Takes up the whole compartment but sounds really good.

Pic of the work in progress. All the fuses are basically sown together with zip ties and the top and bottom one are sown into the carpet with zip ties.

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