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2010 F250 here I had a 2005 6l f350.

Both so far have been bullet proof. The 6l got better gas mileage actually but the 2010 F250 pulls better. The ride in the 2010 F250 is better but it's not great by any means. For a daily driver i don't think i would ever use a heavy duty truck.

I can't stand anything toyota so the Tundra would never ever be an option. If i was going to buy another truck today, heavy duty would be F250. half tonne would be either the dodge or the Ford with the eco boost. Probably eco boost, everyone I've talked to that owns that truck with that engine say it's the best truck they've ever owned.

My opinion, the Chevy trucks are just butt ugly. Maybe if you put a 3 to 4 inch lift on them it helps, but not enough. Early 90's they had the best looking truck by far, they are so far off the mark these days i have a hard time looking at them no matter what they have in them.
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