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Originally Posted by Double D View Post
Guys, guys!! All your points are well made and I remember hearing all these back when the "Bozo-in-Charge" was re-elected. This thread is not to debate about parties, Ron Paul or Jesse. This thread was to inform all my TT peeps that they need to check their business accounts and if what my teller told me is true, we need to know what the heck is happening so we can stop it, change it, write whomever to get it to stop. Or, to vote these buttheads out as soon as legally possible!!

So please, stay on task, stop thread-jacking, and if you want to continue to debate this, start your thread...

With sincere light-hearted jabbing, Double D

Peace out!!
Too late DD, you started the waterfall. Personally I'm glad to see people getting pi$$ed about these schmucks in D.C. I love every post from a different person chiming in who is angry about these guys. The question is, will they act out on it, and by that I mean vote for any other party than the two (one) in charge? Will they grow the stones to do it? I already have.
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