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Originally Posted by Latin Flyer View Post
Why After the transfer is received, the account disappears.

Once the money is in its in.
Because with a wire, you give your banking info to the other party. The transaction is quick but they still have your account number they could later use to attempt an ACH withdrawal he could end up fighting. Also in a more fraudulent example, they could use that bank account for other financial gains.
A temporary account is like a portal that opens then closes. No easy claw back or long term risk.

Thrall's example is just extra confirmation leg work, some banks will not post a wire as quickly as they actually receive it. Thus you have to call to confirm it has been received. An account # still has to be given to the sending party. Two banker friends I talked to, said a bank to bank without an account would be more time consuming than they would probably mess with, especially for the average joe.

A cheaper suggestion came from our conversations, simply open an account for free at a bank that allows free inbound wires then pull $$ and close account. No cost, no risk, just a little time. (some banks, often the big greedy ones charge, cough; US Bank, BofA)
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