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Originally Posted by Aric'sX15 View Post
*pretty much

in terms of looks. i wont recommend viper after how much it costs for one, and how everyone says how horrible their customer service is.
I haven't heard any complaints about the fit and finish for work done at viper. I have heard complaints about delays and lack of responsiveness. dvsone has them convert his 1 piece sundeck into 3 piece and has some issues with the fit, but he shipped his stuff to them and did not have the work done there. If I were getting my whole interior redone, I would bank on my boat being there for 2-3 months. Their prices are on the high side, but most of the time you get what you pay for. I had several quotes just for skins that were in the range of a whole viper interior. The time it takes to remove the interior and install the skins would make it worth it. I do almost everything I can myself, but that is something I would pay someone else to do.
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