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Gauges are not that bad, just takes time and patience (and a small ratchet wrench makes it much easier. I can help with that part (I have a 2003 so you can PM me). My blower is on the driver side screwed within the bilge near the motor mount - remove the rear motor locker gaurds for better accessiblity. I think you need 1" tweeter holes. The 2" is likely outside (trim) diameter. I kept the clarion head unit because I have wired front and rear remotes. Went to all JL (amp and speakers) and can't honestly think of a good reason to ditch the head unit until I have to. Ebay has the gauges from time to time - BUT - GAUGES CHANGED SOME INTERNAL COMPONENTS AROUND 2005. For that reason, gauges made after that - which will gnerally have the off white background, not the white, will not always work across all gauge functions. I would personally to be sure, check with several MC dealers about ordering those right. Rex and Rambo Marine is excellent for this and he told me about the gauges to prevent me from getting the wrong fuel gauge. Rex at Rambo isn't the cheapest out there, but his expertise is worth the difference in buying and shipping parts that are wrong for the boat - trust me! Nice looking boat.
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