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Originally Posted by JimN View Post
Right, but the Presidential election was decided by about 5.5M votes and I don't remember seeing that all of the other candidates received that many votes, combined. That said, their votes could have gone either way, if no other candidates were possible.

The big problem, and it isn't new, is that so many people aren't voting for someone as much as they're voting against someone else. They may not like the one they voted for very much, but they just don't want the other one to win. Every time elections rolled around, my dad would ask "This is the best we have?" and before I was close to voting age, I just thought he was being negative. I'd say he was just being realistic. The people we need don't want the job and the ones who want the job aren't the ones we need.

What I think we need to do, before anything else, is objectively define what we want, as a nation- what we're doing now isn't objective, at all. If it turns out that more than half want government to give everyone what they need, spy on everyone and crawl up every orifice we have, take what we have so they can give it to those who don't have as much in order to create some kind of equal distribution of money and property regardless of who works for it and who doesn't, indoctrinate students a' la Communist countries (at least they insisted that everyone go to school until a certain age and make sure they learn science and math) a lot of people will leave- I'm certain of that. In light of China's anger at the US and their desire to use currency other than ours as the World's reserve, I suspect we'll be seeing major changes to our money system and when that happens, the US government will tell us that they want a complete inventory of everything we own, they'll look at all of our bank/financial accounts and they'll tell us how much we can have after taxing us like we have never seen. Members of government will get a pass, of course, but the rest of us will pay dearly. Some have said they want one currency for the whole World, Al Gore said that nationalized health insurance is a good step toward global health care and people like George Soros are just plain dangerous- he almost took down the British economy by himself and is known as 'The Man Who Broke The Bank Of England". He's a big fan of you-know-who, too.

People used to work for what they wanted and needed but they made the effort to learn what they needed to get by.
You are preaching to the choir here Jim.

Recounting your father's pre-election words reminded me of hearing my father saying the same thing. Thanks for that memory.

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