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Originally Posted by jdnsx View Post
I have not seen anyone mention stainless steel staples. Normal steel staples holding the carpet will not last very long.
Monel staples are what you are supposed to use. I used stainless because I waited until the last minute to buy them and couldn't find the monel ones locally.

The worst part of the whole process for me was removing the old bunks. The carriage bolts would just spin when I tried to remove the nut. I had to chisel into the wood until I could get a wrench on the square part under the head of the carriage bolt to keep it from turning.

I replaced all of the hardware with stainless stuff from lowes. That was probably the most expensive part. I think it was around $50 for the hardware. I used pressure treated 2x6's and two layers of marine carpet from lowes as well.

I would recommend at least getting an electric staple gun. You can probably get one at harbor freight for $20. You don't want to put in a few hundred staples with a manual stapler.

I did not counter sink the heads of the carriage bolts. When you tighten them down, they bite into the wood and recess themselves enough. This is how the factory bunks were done.
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