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New 2003 X-30, plenty of Q's

I just picked up a new (to me) 2003 Mastercraft X-30 and have lots of questions that I haven't been able to find via the search. I sold my Malibu SunsetterLXi a couple seasons ago and have had to suffer with only a pontoon. Needless to say I'm glad to be back! Hopefully folks can point me in the right direction.

1) The blower is just laying in the engine compartment, so hoping someone can show me (pic?) where it use to be mounted. Also, its VERY noisy so if someone has a good recommendation on a replacement I would appreciate that as well.

2) Does anyone know the tweeter diameter for the original Clarion components? I want to replace them with Polk MM6501UM and the tweeter says it requires a 2" hole. I'm hope the originals are 2" or less. I've read the thread about using courtesy lights, but for a little more these seem like a good option.

3) I'd like to pitch the Clarion CDM double din head unit .. anyone have a good link to a double to single din they have used w/ success?

4) Gauges .. can I just replace the bezels? Source? Mine have some imperfections and it seems easier to just replace them.

5) The face of my tach is busted. I believe if I replace it, the new one will read zero?

6) General parts question .. found a couple of threads on where to get parts. Most said .. is there a contact number or email? I can't find it and a few of the parts I'm looking for are not on the website best I can tell. I see that Great Lakes Skipper comes up in lots of my searches also. Some other items I want to buy are tower knobs, nylon washers for the tower, rub rail splice cover, etc...

7) The dash has a clear plastic coating that is coming off and looks horrible. I was going to replace it and just wondered how much trouble that would be .. doesn't seem tough but anyone who has done it I would appreciate any info.

THANKS IN ADVANCE .. just trying to get some little cosmetic items addressed. The boat only has 225hrs and the interior is in really good shape (couple small places). Probably wait until spring to clean up the gel coat (minor fade). ~chad

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