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Originally Posted by David Analog View Post
Yes, as it's not too far from Dallas, I have been to Bjorn's in San Antonio, but not recently enough to be relevant.
I have visited Hanson Audio Video in Dayton Ohio several times in the last couple of years, which is kind of an unlikely location for a high end salon. They have a heavy emphasis on 2-channel.

Frankly, once you get to the price range of the Dali MS5s, I could be equally satisfied with any number of speaker brands.
I worked for a stereo shop that was the 2nd US dealer for Jamo and Bjorn's was the 1st, so we met them at CES on several occasions.

I don't know why Dayton would be an odd place for high end audio- everyone has to live somewhere, so....

The thing about having high end- neurosis comes into the picture for many people when somehow, they start to doubt that their components are of a quality level that's considered "better" or Best". Also, if you can verbalize the reasons you like your speakers, you can also verbalize why you don't like others and that's an important distinction- when someone says "I don't like them, but I can't explain why", it's a valid comment but it's not specific. OTOH, when people say something sounds 'chocolaty' and use other descriptions, I want to run.
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