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I just replaced all mine:
  1. Stainless steel carriage bolts though the wood. Drill in this order:
  2. Start with a small diameter pilot hole--say 1/8" all the way through the wood.
  3. Drill a countersink from the top using a 3/4" spade bit (or forstner if you're OCD like me) about 3/8" deep. Finish the hole using a bit the same diameter as the carriage bolts--I made the hole tight so that the wood would hold the bolt firmly.
  4. Stainless flat AND locking washers. Stainless steel nuts.
  5. Pressure Treated 2" x 4". While the wood doesn't stay in the water very long, the very nature of carpet is to hold water so your wood is in constant contact with moisture one your boat is back on the trailer.
  6. Double layer of carpet:
  • Layer one is only as wide as the top surface board--does NOT wrap around the sides, but does wrap around the ends.
    Layer two goes over layer one, and wraps around the sides and ends. Stainless steel staples, and lots of them.
For the first week or so after replacing, check the tightness of the nuts.
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