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My dad has had B&W in wall speakers for almost 15 years now with no complaints. In his room with a big TV, he had to go in wall because there was not enough space to put free standing speakers next to his TV.

All of the brands mentioned for speakers are good, I'd also through Mirage and Definitive Technologies in there as well as a really good sounding speaker at a little more affordable price. I would stay far away from anything that says Bose on it.

I think the receiver is just as important as the speakers you choose. For me that is where I spent my money. I have a Pioneer Elite with discrete amplifiers.....not sure what the new model number for that would be, but it is a really nice piece of equipment. For my speakers at the moment I have the Mirage Nanosat speakers and a Mirage Omni S8 subwoofer. I chose them because they had really good sound, but were fairly inexpensive. I've had that setup for a couple of years, and like it, but plan on moving the speakers and sub into my bedroom with a Marantz slimline. When I move them to the bedroom, I'll be placing B&W 6.5" floor standing fronts with the matching 6.5" center channel and bookshelf speakers for the surround on the Pioneer receiver. I'm not sure on the sub I'll use, but probably something with dual 8's if I had to guess.
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