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Originally Posted by Ski-me View Post
Because we are on the subject of home theater, I'll ask about in-ceiling speakers. I have a pair of B&W bookshelf along with a B&W center. My wife does not want them exposed in the room so I'm resulting in some ceiling type speaker that has some angle to it. How good will these perform and are there some decent ones that can be recommended?

Also, the TV will be in the corner of the room so symetry is not in the cards. TV will be enclosed into a TV pit and blanket chest, and when needed, will lift up out of pit and pivot to viewing area. Obviously, a multi-purpose room. Very hard room indeed with windows everywhere too.

HDMI - Need some quality converter to send/receive signal over CAT 6a wire at a distance of maybe 80' from TV to component area. Recommendations?
Ceiling speakers will always be a compromise as compared to free-standing speakers. But in some cases you have no choice, although it is not near the issue on the side and rear speakers.
Angled ceiling speakers can help somewhat on the front L & R and center. Plus, you can improve the angled ceiling speakers by keeping their radiation pattern (a little less than a 90 degree total cone) away from the side walls (so close to 45 degress radius away from the sides). Triad makes some expensive, yet spectacular, angled and fully enclosed in-ceiling speakers using the finest euro speaker components. These would be worth it on the front three speakers. Then you can fill in the rest with a less expensive series from the same brand with the same aesthetics.

Years ago, baluns (converts HDMI to Cat and back to HDMI) were not the best. Today they are very good and very dependable. Like anything else, get the better option. Also, run an extra Cat cable beyond what the balun dictates. Cat cable is cheap and you never know what the future holds.
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