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Originally Posted by David Analog View Post
I just finished a small upstairs media room that tightly fits four wide in an arc and is single depth. Based on the size of the room, the nook and cabinet, I have a Sharp 80" LED. It's good in any light and okay for movies but not the same as a good projector. If the room is large enough to support a projector and larger screen then I would go that route. I have recently watched a Panasonic and JVC projector. Both knocked me out.
I'm running a 5.2 audio. I went for a system that would also sound great on music, which is a major challenge for many AV systems. The front uses small floor-standing towers and this makes a giant difference. Free-standing sounds better. Great fullrange and musical bookshelf speakers (like a dual 6" & tweeter, or single 8" & tweeter) on stands can also sound great in the front. Substantial in-cabinet (different from standard in-wall) front speakers can sound good if you fill the surrounding void in the cabinet. Smallish front satellites never sound natural to me and certainly don't play music well.
What did you go with for speakers?
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