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Originally Posted by Traxx822 View Post
I noticed a debit of the same sort. And when I inquired they said it was the government and that it would be returned shortly. It did go back in the next day. Mine was $0.27 from my business account.

JimN I don't think you are paranoid. This was a test. To just take your money if you do not comply with healthcare laws. Business' that is. Since i don't have above 50 employees and never will I'm not too worried but it makes me wonder if they can do it to my business they sure can do it to regular people.
If it was such a good health care plan, they wouldn't require all of us to enroll and be subject to penalties if we don't. I haven't seen any proof that costs will decrease and yesterday, in a rare occasion when I had a local talk radio show on (I normally don't listen to ANY talk radio), an insurance agency owner called and said his own rates for health insurance had increased by about $250/month. His health and the health of his family hasn't changed, yet he's now paying $3000 more, per year.

If they had required people to stop engaging in risky behavior, bad diet and no exercise, it might not be so bad but when people continue to eat mostly junk/fast food, sit on their butt and drink/drug their way through life but still get free health care, we need to step up and say "NO MORE!" to the government.

WRT government not being required to use the same plans, they are-
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