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I hear you...calling this a restoration is probably a bit insulting to all of those here who created real restoration threads. I'll see if I can change it to Refurbishment.

Like the idea of trying to get it running myself, and I still might, but if I do go that route I think I'd probably want to wait until spring. The thought of sucking a bunch of fresh water into it now and winterizing again is the sort of thing that I know will keep me up at night all winter long. I still have visions of a friends of 454 with a hole in the side of the block because he didn't do it right and I've only successfully winterized running engines in the past. My thought is that if I take it to a pro (which I'm not) now I'll possibly have a reliable runner come spring. If I wait until next year to do it myself I'm going to have to deal with breakdowns, troubleshooting etc...not fun with a disappointed wife and kids along for the ride. Previous owner thought it might need some valve work anyway. Leaning towards the pro option.

Here’s a few pics of stuff I need to "refurbish". Don't know how to comment on pics but they're pretty self explanatory.
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