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After I completely drained water from everything, including taking the hoses loose and emptying them, I drove around the block to shake out any leftover water. Then I just poured antifreeze in mine without running it. First, I filled up the discharge hose from the raw water impeller, so that the impeller would be full of AF. I then took the large hose loose from the thermostat housing and poured about 2-3/4 gallons into the hose. That is the point that it ran out of the thermostat housing, so you know that the block is filled. On my MCX the hoses that go to the exhaust manifolds are above the large hose on the thermostat housing, so I didn't get any AF in there. I tried to take off those hoses to put some AF in there, but they would not budge. I would have needed to cut them loose. But, I know that the exhaust manifolds are drained of water because it gushed out full stream when I drained them. It would be nice to have some AF in there for corrosion protection, but I hated to cut the hoses.

Bochnak - Take loose your large hose at the thermostat housing if AF runs out, you should be good. If not, pour some AF in the hose until it comes out the housing.
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