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Originally Posted by homer12 View Post
Wow!! This is REALLY SCARY and preposterous!! I am a partner in a business and need to look at this too. Double D, what do they need or why were they withdrawing 5 cents? Sounds like test to know that it went through for them or something.
It was a test- kind of like when some web sites request one cent for a free trial period.

People called me 'paranoid' when I voiced my concerns in '07-'08 and when new members of Congress were running for office, but I guess I wasn't far off. It's our duty to be skeptical, but too many decided that voting for candidates that had absolutely no chance of winning was a better choice than keeping someone out of office. Unfortunately, none of the candidates were going to be very different and they definitely aren't what we need. At this point, Congress has the lowest approval rating in the history of this country. The question now- what are we going to do about it? Forget about what they'll do- their goal will to raise the rating, not do what we need. They care about staying in office more than anything else.

We need to turn this bus around and if they tank our economy, they'll be tanking the World's economy and it's the reason China has already started trying to stop the US currency from being the reserve currency for the rest of the World.

We're scrood.
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