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Ok. I took the prop off the shaft and firstly have to say that I could not believe my eye when trying out the harmonic prop puller... That thing REALLY works. I barely touched it with the hammer and the prop came right off. I am hugely impressed and won't be using the C clamp puller any longer. I highly recommend having a HP HanDY NEXT TIME YOU think of upgrading your prop.
Anyway, the prop that the boat had is a OJ 13.7 x 19.5 I believe... It was very hard reading the size from the end of the prop as the numbers were somewhat worn... So now I believe I was right by thinking after the test drive that the boat did not plane as a sports cars... Even with this huge big engine I believe there has to be a much much better prop out there for surfing and general cruising that would transmit the engine power &torque to water better than this tiny prop does? I have a 1285 now, should I stick to that or go with something else?
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