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Get some poly drag wheels and skip the lifting blocks. I did 2" lifting blocks on my old MC trailer. It worked fine, towed fine, loaded and unloaded fine, but it still wasn't enough to get the prop guard to clear the driveway. It was expensive to have done. It required an alignment (pins were welded in place). The amount of lift needed at the axle to get the prop guard up is just too much if your driveway slope was like mine. With poly drag wheels, you can bring it down nice and slow and your driveway won't be chewed up like it will with steel wheels. If they wear out (mine are over 6 years old), you can replace the wheel for a relatively cheap sum.

I literally tried everything with my old trailer. Boards, 8" drop hitch, 2" lift blocks, stainless drag wheels, etc. When I got my new to me boat 6 years ago, I ordered the poly wheel kit from Dorsey, had it installed, and have been happy as can be with the results. They aren't as pretty as my old stainless rollers, but they are much better on the driveway.

The answer is: You can lift it, but unless you only are dealing with a slight incline, it is unlikely to make much of a difference.

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