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Originally Posted by bturner2 View Post
I've had both and couldn't get rid of the fiberglass fast enough. Mine was black and quickly scratched, was hot in the sun when you sat on it and the pad on mine (03 X2) would track black from the pad into the boat which was a PITA to clean. Also if you ever do bump into something get ready for the repair bill.

This is my second year doing the quarter car wash method of Teak cleaning and I'm sold on it. I take just the platform to the car wash and set it on wash with soap. Start at one end and work your way to the other. Hit the edges and the bottom if you're OCD. Set the car wash to rinse and repeat the above. That's it for cleaning. No chemicals, no gloves, no sweat. I let it dry for a week then hit it with the vibrator sander with fairly quick passes using 80 then 180. Apply oil and I'm done. I have 2 hours tops into cleaning and refinishing my platform and probably $10 in car wash, sand paper and Teak Oil. For that amount of effort and cost I'll stick with my teak.
I'm going to have to try that in the spring. Its been a labor of love every time until now.
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