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Took my wife to SLC yesterday to see Pink for our Anniversary. Drove 300 miles (one way), checked into our $300/nt room downtown and my wife gets food poisoned by a room service pizza. I went to the lobby to get her toast and tea this morning and I see in the newspaper her concert was "rescheduled" just yesterday afternoon to Oct. 29th. Thanks a lot. I won't be coming back, just give me a refund Miss PINK, you suck. Can you tell my wife is the pink fan? and I am not so sure she still is this morning. Stuff happens but when you drive 600 miles for squat, it kinda pisses a guy off.
My wife went to the PINK concert here in Nashville and wasn't a PINK fan. She went with some of her girlfriends that love PINK. Came home and said it was the BEST concert she's ever been too. She would love to go back. Good thing is you can probably get your money back easily for the tickets.
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