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ctad - Don't let the sanding scare you. If you use the pads and compounds that I list, it will take the sanding scratches right out. I was a little nervous myself, but it worked great. Start out with 2000, buff it and see what I mean. After a while, you will feel more comfortable going down to 1200 grit.

I had a couple of deep scratches on my gelcoat. They weren't through the gelcoat, but for me to get them out I would have needed to sand them deep. It would have left a concave spot in the gelcoat. On those, I used the 1200 grit sandpaper folded into a V shape. This way I got all the scuff marks out and rounded the bottom of the scratch. Then the buffing pad could get down in there and smooth everything back up. The scratch is now the same color and shine as the rest of the gelcoat, which makes it much less noticeable.

I definitely will post some pics. I have the boat in storage a few miles from the house. I am going to get it this weekend to do the dreaded winterization. Supposed to be a nice weekend, so hopefully, I can get some good pics.
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