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Thanks for the replies and thoughts ! Talked to a boat glass shop yesterday and he said they add and remove hooks all the time. $450 and 3 days to remove, about the same to add it back, so worst case would be $1K experiment.

Definitely sensitive to the porpoising issue, but isn't that usually at higher speeds? 90% of the time we are surfing at 11 mph, 9% of the time we are boarding at 23 mph, and when we do "cruise" it is only about 25 mph (12-pitch 2079 prop ... can't be in a hurry to get anywhere).

Ben, that is a solid idea ! Just reverse the other guys' hook test by flattening it out with a gradual build-up of duct tape or something similar. Just winterized and was thinking about getting the work done over the winter, but think i will now wait until spring and do that test.

But, dang, now i need another winter project. Hmmm, maybe a nice redwood longboard ???
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