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2013 X30 Altitude change of Home?

We are close to buying a Used 2013 X30-
it was sold new and and used at 2000' Elevation.
Engine is the 6.2 Ilmore.
I am assuming the Local MasterCraft dealer set Boat up for 2000' use?
I will use at Sea Level in the SouthWest , rivers ,Lakes
Some trips to Lake Powell...

Can I use this Prop?
Do I need a "Sea Level" prop?

Is changing the Prop, a typical Task, for Trailing to diff Altitudes for vacation?

The Engine should not be a problem at diff Altitudes correct?

FYI, we will use the Boat for Cruising, Surfing, and Tubing. We have wake boards too, but that is not a priority with regards to boat performance....

Any links or tips greatly appreciated ..
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