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Originally Posted by jakethebt View Post
There was an ad for an awesome maybe 1990 green metal flake 190 in Dayton Ohio. It was on here and he keep dropping his price. No idea if it is still out there or not. I could use an excuse to go look at it. It is a long way to California here.

Also, as a 205 owner, the extra room is nice. There is a big difference between the two. I suggest you really understand the difference in the two prior to buying and shipping around the world. If you can identify how you will use the boat, people will chime in on here and help you figure out which may work best.

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Thanks for your advice and you aren't the first to identify that in relality the 205 is more likely the better boat in my circumstances, we are a family of 6 so the extra space is definitely a bonus, I was concerned that the 205 would be wider and thus harder to ship but have been forwarded a copy of the owners manual and both have the same beam so should transport okay, I do need to confirm that the extra length doesn't present a more difficult problem. My shipper is already telling me I am likely to take up the space of two cars in the container so would need to pay for two spaces, if the extra length then means a car can't fit in front of the boat in the container and I have to pay for a third space in the container it becomes too cost restrictive. I'll sound out how that plays out

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