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Originally Posted by JDC View Post
We were at Dale Hollow Lake this past week and my fuel gauge was not acting right. I decided to visually check the level in the tank as the guy was filling it and compare it to the gauge.
When he got within 2-3" of being full, I saw fuel coming out from around the flange of the fuel pump module. At first I was in denial saying to myself, "where is that water coming from" , then I said STOP filling! I used a few rags and cleaned it up the best I could. I would guess a tablespoon or 2 leaked out.

I checked it after we were back on the water and it didn't seem to leak anymore. The same thing happened again at the next fueling. I decided to just fuel more often and not go over 3/4 full (visually) when filling. I pretty much left the blower on the rest of the time we were on the water just to be on the safe side.

I didn't know what type of gasket, or o-ring, or seal it had, but figured it was cracked or damaged in some way. I picked up a gasket at the dealer when we got home. It's a thick rubber gasket. When I took the module out, look what I didn't find!

The new gasket is now in it. I thought about replacing the fuel pump and filter while I was in there but the filter wasn't in stock and I didn't have the pump yet. I'll probably wait now and do that over the winter.

I'm still not sure how I had fuel coming out from around the flange when the fuel level was 2-3" below the top. Maybe the fuel foaming up in the tank was enough to splash around the flange and have it seep out?

I guess you just never know what you'll find when you buy something used.
A perfect example of why I decided to move my battery from the confined space where the fuel cell sits. Another shout-out for using a blower each and every time you use the machine.

This situation had several opportunities for possible incident without any warning.

Glad you found the issue and resolved.

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