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Originally Posted by cobalt650 View Post
We recently bought a 2007 Maristar 230 VRS. Love the boat. The Mastercraft trailer, which came with the boat, looks sharp, but functionally---------not sold yet. It seems like the tip of the bow will not clear the pad that holds the auto retention gizmo that grabs the bow eye. ahd the foremost pads, V shaped, do not even touch the bottom of the keel. Are these common issues? Only way to get it on the trailer was to keep moving the tow vehicle and trailer back and forth a few feet to ease the boat up with the winch. No way to drive it on. 20+ years of simple single operator loading with our Sea Rays, hoping it is operator error!
My first thought.. you're putting the trailer in to deep, floating the rear and dropping the bow. Most of these trailers are drive-off, drive on (exceptions I am certain) but don't go so deep with the trailer. Loading or off-loading under power is not uncommon, but I do see you say it does not work for you.


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