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Originally Posted by TN Skier View Post
Is there a recommended size of drag wheels?

I forgot to mention that with the 10" drop at the hitch; the spare tire bottoms out on the drive... has turned into quite the engineering project...

There are many contributing variables to the problem...the initial approach angle of the driveway entrance...the grade and crown of the roadway...the height of the spare clearance...the height of the prop guard...

I feel like there may be a multi-approach to the solution in the near future...just looking for the correct one...

There will hopefully be a "new to me" trailer in the future and the the solution will have to be replicated...

I'll say this.... regardless of what drags, be it a roller or a bar, there is still the same amount of force transferred to the component that is dragging the ground, which also changes the dynamics of the hitch point/trailer. The rollers become subject to exerted force or the existing bar (without rollers) experiences the same force. I think rollers are justified in not deteriorating the bar by dragging it across a surface. Your access point approach to your driveway will still be the same. I'd raise the trailer frame up from the axle as you inquired, or add a leaf-spring lift kit. I would not academically recommend modifying any trailer without proper design configuration analysis.

As a general observation and opinion, I think these low-profile (low center of gravity) trailers are much less practical than other trailers I have seen under a Nautique.

For your immediate need, I'd add a spacer (do it properly) or a leaf and allow for more space there and possibly additional height from a larger wheel diameter (the theory of a lift kit on a jeep for off-road ground clearance).

Also look here ==> for an idea of what is available....

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