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Prop Guard vs. Driveway (Prostar 190)

Greetings to all -

It seems that no matter how much drop I put at the trailer hitch, I just cant get the boat in/out of the drive without dinging the drivewy with the prop guard on the trailer ('92 Prostar 190 pulled with '04 Nissan Tiatn 4x4).

I have gone so far as to try using a 10" drop with layered (6" worth) wooden 2x12 ramps (5' in length) to try to bridge the gap. Once the boat is in/out of the leading edge of the drive, then I switch it back to a "normal" drop hitch; this sorta takes some fun out of the day.

My question is this... what are your thoughts on using lift blocks at the axle maybe somewhere between 2-4 inches to raise the trailer frame up and get the prop guard up higher off the deck?

It seems like an easy fix to me; however I don't want to alter the towability. In my simple mind I don't see that it would; generally the most simplest of my solutions turn into my most difficult of problems.

Thanks in advance for the ideas and advice...

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