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Originally Posted by phil_edgecumbe View Post

Took the boat out for it's first run for the season.
I had the strut bushes replaced as they were a bit sloppy, prop checked/balanced and drive shaft alignment checked. The prop is the standard 13x13 4 blade version.
Filled the fuel tank with fresh petrol and added a bottle of Injector Cleaner.

It now does 48mph at 4800rpm with WOT. 3mph faster and no doubt running more efficiently.
Sweet! The LT-1 pulls timing if there is any knock due to using sub standard fuel. If you are going to be running wide open all the time I would recommend only high test fuel as a buffer against knock. From personal experience if you are running the original plug wires I would ohm out each wire for proper resistance. I had two wires that would not read any resistance meaning there was an internal break in the core. A spark will still jump if the internal break is small enough but it does lower the spark energy enough to lower performance. If you are still in search of more MPH I would talk to eric at OJ for proper sizing and type of prop. I was not aware that the LT-1 with the 1:1 transmission came with a 4 blade prop as standard. A three blade CNC prop might get you another MPH or two, but there are always trade offs.
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