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Originally Posted by gsxrjtt View Post
It was the dealer that didnt know but after inspection they know more about it .. on previous page see pics BSLOOP.. let me know also it DOES come with a dual axle trailer

Aric and 03x30 should be good indicators.
03 was in at 22k with trailer and no vinyl indicated at 22k, assuming no salt......
Aric is still looking and would pass.......

I am not a dealer nor directly looking but am a fb site admin and recreational parts dealer. Ask A LOT of questions and look HARD.
This is still NOT a sellers market and this is NOT a prime boat.

Don't let emotions take over and make a bad purchase.
Personally, when I was looking for a VERY specific boat, 90-92 240sc; (only 550 total produced and I don't even know if that number includes the 240wc) I looked at 15+ with one that I think to this day would have been better.
The unit I got has been decent ((even with brackish water)) but I paid less than basic nada even though there was tower and equipment and have replaced exhaust+ and now facing full electrical rewire due to partial salt exposure.
I purchased my boat 3 owner in 2004 out of NY. It was sold to NY. btw, LOVE my galv trailer and would not trade it for the most pimped painted/wheeled trailer out there.....
1991 MariStar 240sc, 454, tower, WetSounds, Krypt and Rockford Fosgate
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