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Yes!! Success At Last!!!!!

Took the boat out today and ran it hard for over an hour. Fuel pressure held steady at 32psi, and while we maxed out at 4500 rpm (new prop), there was no hessitation, no misfire spluttering, or farting. Pulled like a freight train.

I could hear the new fuel pump when running on the trailer but could not hear it when on the water.

No Codes either.

New prop is a 3 blade 12.5 inch diamter, 15 pitch. Runns easily to 45mph at 4500 rpm and wake is noticably flatter with no rooster tail out of the back. Even the kids noticed the flatter wake at 20 mph. Bad for our wakeboarders but we will fill the ballast bags for them.

Only issue was a nasty vibration from a full bore pull off, as if the prop was cavitating, but as soon as we picked up speed or backed off the power a little, the vibration went?
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