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Originally Posted by CC2MC View Post
Having the bottom painted, indicates that it has spent most of its life at an in water boat slip and/or in salt water. If it has been in salt water and not properly maintained then yes that could hurt the value. Find out why it he bottom was painted and ask if it has had blistering. Does the trailer have rust? Also which engine? Everything else sounds about right. Someone else can tell you the specifics on the proper compression rates. Where in the SE are you located?
I don't know if that's completely true. There are two reasons to paint the bottom...barrier or anti-fouling. MasterCraft recommends bottom painting for any boat that is moored or stays in water, salt water or freshwater, since their warranty specifically excludes gelcoat osmotic blistering. Certainly evaluating for salt or brackish water use is important in the pre-sale survey, but the previous owner may have kept the boat moored in fresh water and was just following MasterCraft's recommendations that a barrier paint be applied to prevent blistering.
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