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Originally Posted by JimN View Post
Do you really sit there and listen to the stereo separation and 3D qualities of the music mix when you're skiing/boarding, talking when the music is playing, towing someone or cruising to/from the area where you'll be skiing/boarding? Really? That would make you unique. Stereo is far less important than proper balance between instruments, full-range frequency response, low noise & distortion and coverage. Mono amps work fine- just maintain proper impedance and set the input sensitivity correctly.
Yes I really sit there and listen. Really. I dont even play the stereo while boarding, its too noisy with the wind and motor going. I discussed the stereo mono debate with david online and wanted to know for myself, so I hooked up the speakers in mono and in stereo and I like the stereo better while standing on the swim platform listening.

If you wanna drive around the lake with "look at me" music blasting from your tower speakers while boarding, then mono would be fine.
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