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Originally Posted by Thrall View Post
Would be nice if MC had 4pr of spkr wire running up the tower but based on your conversation with MC and you only see 2pr that's probably what you have. If your amp is 2 ohm stable then you can run 2 speakers in series off of each pair of wires.
I did this when I upgraded to 4 spkrs running off of a 2ch amp with 2pr wire to the tower. 100hrs of run time later still works fine.
Thrall... I had to go back and look it over again. Turns out I have 2 quick-connect plugs on the port side of the tower. Each connector has 4 wires run in and out of it. I traced them down into the locker and found all 8 wires. 2 pairs are connected to the amp and two pairs are bundled together not connected. Therefore, I believe there is a dedicated pair of wires for up to 4 speakers.
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