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Originally Posted by BudmanV24 View Post
What is the concensous on the highest rms power the m770s can handle relatively reliably?
Lets assume 120hz high pass on the amp. I'm currently running 100wrms to my cabin speakers and am not satisfied. I'm used to 200-400wrms per speaker in cars. Im thinking either 150 or 200 to the in boat speakers. Im also about to drop a pair of factory cans on the tower with m770s and was considering putting an mhd750 on them. With properly set gains and not being a bone head, but still wanting to jam out at the same time what are you guys running with success? Do I need to build my own replacement crossovers to handle this kind of power?
Look at the crossovers- if they have 25V capacitors, they'll never last long- that's roughly equivalent to 100W into a 4 Ohm load.
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