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Originally Posted by bochnak View Post
Looks like fun. Maybe I'll try it one day.

I will be primarily wakeboarding. I heard the PS throws a respectable wake loaded.
The wakeboarding wake is decent when loaded. I went from a Sea Doo Speedster to the PS 205, so the wake on the MC seemed huge compared to the Sea Doo. Now I have a 210 VRS and the unloaded wake is about the size of the loaded wake on the 205. I tried loading the back corner up for surfing on the 205 and as mentioned, it can be done, but the pocket is very small. Not worth the effort IMO. If you do plan on doing that much wakeboarding, then you may want to consider adding a tower, especially if you want to have others riding in the back seat. It will get the wakeboards off the floor as well. You have done a good job on the wet sand and buff.
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