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Sounds like MMS to me. I always got mine done there, mostly due to the fact that I always had a list of warranty to do. I think alot of the high price comes with the fact they have enough "actual, real" work to do, so if you want them to take the two(?) hours to do your maintenace, then it'll cost ya.
I'm positive they would have no problem with you observing the process. Of course don't make a two hour job last for four hours. The old "Shop rate $50/hour, if you watch $75/hour, if you help $200/hr" comes into effect haha. They are pretty damn busy there, and probably short staffed. I would say the more menial tasks we can do, the happier they are.

I'm pretty happy with the crew there. Actually looking at getting a 2014 X30 as I type.
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