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The Bullets will produce louder upper mid to high sound at very good sound quality (requires 1 amplifier at 250wrms/ch). The JL's driver makes really good and more midbass sound, but the uppermids and highs would be washed out by the bullets HLCD. The JL's require 150wrms each x 4 speakers.

I have run the Bullets for at least 4 seasons now. I like them for a few reasons;
- they fit in the original cans, so I maintain a factory look and forward tower lights.
- I only need 2 on the tower so I am not banging my head on speakers all day
- 2 speakers dont put that much weight on the tower which is nice when the water is really rough.
- They are really loud and clear

Wish they provided more midbass, but they are not 10's - I would have to wear a helmet in my boat if I had Rev10's on the tower
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