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I don't know. If they do it like I do mine it sounds about right but mine includes detailing the engine, bilge, interior, hull and trailer as well as all the normal engine, ballast and heater work to get the boat ready for the winter. It's all depend on what's included.

My local dealer offers a menu that includes pretty much what I've included above and the price for that I could quickly surpass the price you were quoted. It's all going to depend on what's on the list.

Being in Canada I would expect a good chunk of that is going to be inflated service parts prices, environmental fees and taxes in some form or another. As a comparison we recently purchased a Blue Ray Player for out cottage just outside Windsor. The base price for the device was about 15% more than in the states, the taxes on it were 5% more and to add insult to injury they added a recycling fee on top of all the rest of the taxes. I really like going to Canada but it's getting really expensive to hang out there. Even beer at out local dive bar has gotten to $4 a pint.
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