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Originally Posted by ourx15 View Post
Hi, I was quoted by my dealer up here in Canada that its going to cost 850 dollars to winterize oil and tranny oil change. This sounds high!!! Wondering what others r paying, and also, if I have to go through my dealer. Another dealer said 550. And an ex dealer I know said he would do it for 400. But to keep my warranty, should I just go through my MC dealer and pay the 850?? Your thoughts are appreciated.
Ask for a comprehensive, itemized list. If no list, no business for that service shop. $850 is very high, unless they can justify their cost. If your boat gets Mobil 1 and it's $10/qt or liter, the oil change shouldn't cost more than $100. The transmission oil change shouldn't be more than $50 and these are on the high side, although they probably charge environmental fees.
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