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Well, just finished my first winterization on my 2002 xstar. Filled a roughneck tub with water and kept the hose running. Ran a 1.25" hose from tub to water pump where raw water line connects. Ran the engine until temp reached 150 degrees. Changed oil. Ran again to get temps up. Shut off then emptied the tub of water and filled with 6 gallons of boat antifreeze and fired it up again and ran until the pink stuff came out the exhaust. Fogged engine.

Then did the ballast system which has a ball valve shutoff upstream from a T that allowed me to attach a short length of garden hose with the other end in a gallon of marine antifreeze. Ran each ballast pump until the antifreeze came through into a catch basin. Cleaned up and put the tarp on.

Am I done? Must admit, it is a bit freaky wondering if the antifreeze got to all the necessary places. Any suggestions on something I missed or should double check?
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