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Originally Posted by Cloaked View Post
They lost and reconfigured their computer system in 2009. I had one Tender replaced since then and one day two went out within a week............ fast forward..... They accused me of buying junkers and sending them to be refurbished. Since they did not have records of the original sales, no warranty. Beats all I have ever heard. So I told them I had the original sales receipt and that was not good enough. I scanned to a PDF and sent the records to them. Sticking to their reason.... their new system did not acknowledge the customer order number of the old receipts, so no warranty.Even with the evidence of the old records. In my opinion, it was some boob that was in a bad mood... fast forward.... I ratted them out to the BBB and that made them more angry, so the BBB put a ding on them, as I sent the same evidence to the BBB. ...regardless, it's no big deal.... If that's all I have to get wrapped around the axle about, I'm good... just too bad about the situation because I did like their products...

WOW that sucks! I would be pissed!
I do remember reading in the newspaper that there was some Chinese company making fake copies and selling them on ebay and amazon that would go out after 3 weeks.
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