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A couple issues...

I changed my oil and transmission fluid today and cleaned my flame arrestor. I did find out the transmission fluid was 15W-40, but it was milky and appeared to have water in it. The good news is that the rattle that I heard has now almost gone away, with the change in oil. What I want to know though, is aside from having a bilge full of water, how could water get into the transmission?

On another note, I just repropped the boat and it has a much better hole shot now. I did a WOT run last week and was a little disappointed bc I was only able to manage about 38.7 mph. I thought that it should be in the low 40s at a minimum. Well while I was changing fluids, I noticed that I had a loose plug wire on the distributor, so I plugged it back in, hoping that would solve my slow top speed. The boat runs much better now and man, that new prop really makes a huge difference now that I am running on all cylinders. However, when I get just past 3/4 throttle, about 37 mph or so, the engine starts surging pretty bad. I thought I may have had a loose hose from cleaning the flame arrestor, but everything seems to be intact. Could this be a spark plug issue or fuel pump or fuel filter? This is the first I have noticed the issue. When I first bought it a couple months back, I was able to get about 45 mph with no surging. It has no problems cruising all day long at 23mph.

I had a similar issue with my PS 205, but a quick cleaning of the screen did the trick there, although it didn't surge. It just sounded starved around 3/4 throttle and would not reach full speed.

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