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The battery charger type and size should be determined by the specific application. One size definitely does not fit all.
Fisherman running a heavy trolling motor, fighting a wind, all day long, with a large capacity battery bank, have been dialed in on battery charger technology long before the advent of wakeboats. Just follow their lead if you have a large audio system, with a large house battery bank, and use the stereo for long durations at rest.
A minimum amperage smart trickle/tender/minder/maintenance charger is fine if you have a weekend car, tractor, motorcycle, ATV, UTV, etc, that is placed into storage with a fully charged cranking battery.
However, if you have a large capacity deep cycle battery(s) that is placed into storage with a deep discharge then you need a smart 3-stage charger with enough (but not too much) current capacity to excite the battery in order to counter the effect of sulfation. A charger using pulse technology may not need quite as much current capacity to do the job.
An ACR/VSR will have an impact on your dependency on a shore charger.
Having even an undersized charger is better than no charger at all. Batteries self-discharge several percent per month. Battery degradation is accelerated in a discharged state.
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