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Originally Posted by jasper aus View Post
Ok so turns out I talked too soon! It appears that its the ignition module that is putting out a really weak signal inconsistently.

Anyone recommend anything to replace it with? It is a presolite distributor with a pertronix module. Im running a MSD blaster 2 coil with no ballast resistor. 351w PCM LH rotation.

Buying things in the states rather than here seems to be quite economical and you guys have been doing specialised marine stuff better and longer than us.

Any help is appreciated
Personally I would swap out the petronix for a Mallory E-Spark Kit. I have read numerous times that petronix has failures. This is the kit I used, amazon slightly cheaper I also use the MSD blaster Coil 2, the Mallory requires the ballast resistor so that would to need to be reinstalled. Or just replace the entire distributor out for a new unit Which I did when I modded my engine, but I used this dizzy for the optical eye which is the same that is used in the espark kit

1989 MasterCraft TriStar 190 SE
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